There’s a shift happening out in the world — and it’s becoming increasingly obvious.

Consumers are losing patience with the “fakers” out there. Those brands who talk big but don’t follow through, the ones with shiny Instagram profiles but no real substance.

They are done being “sold to” and looking for an authentic connection with the businesses they purchase from.

And I’m right there with them!

The marketing industry seems to be awash with “gurus” offering instant solutions and magical strategies to make your business blow up.

But it’s all a show. The truth is that there is no simple…

Imagine having a crystal ball that takes you directly into the hearts and minds of your customers. You would be able to know exactly how to meet their needs, tweak your offerings, and plan your marketing strategy to grow your business.

Although I can’t produce a crystal ball for you, I can guide you towards the next best thing — customer insights.

With the tools you already have available, you can use insights to smooth the customer journey, increase sales, and even create new business opportunities.

The only catch is that you need to know where to look and what…

When it comes to growing your business, being seen is half the battle won.

There’s a reason restaurants hire people to dance on the side of the main road wearing a costume and waving a sign, or big businesses spend millions to get their name flashed across Times Square.

It all comes down to numbers.

The higher the volume of leads entering into your marketing funnel, the higher the number of sales at the other end.

If you feel like you’re doing all the “right” things but your business is still stalling, it could be a simple case of poor…

Marketing Momentum: The Key To Business Success

Marketing your business is a lot like riding a bicycle.

When you are just getting started, you have to use quite a bit of energy to get moving. But the work doesn’t stop once you’ve built up the momentum. You still need to pedal now and then, or you’ll drift to a stop and have to start all over again!

You want to reach that perfect cruising speed where you’ve figured out exactly how much effort you have to put in to keep progressing.

In marketing, that’s all about consistent effort, iteration, fine-tuning…

Facebook advertising is one of the best marketing tools out there for small businesses. But might that all be about to change with a pending update courtesy of Apple?

The imminent update has caused quite the ruckus in ad-land because it will enforce new privacy measures that alter the way apps and websites (including Facebook) track iOS users.

This will impact how effectively marketers can target and track many of their advertising campaigns.

If your business utilises online marketing, you may be wondering how the iOS 14 Apple update will affect you. …

Amanda Roberts

I'm a Kiwi with a background in paid advertising. I love helping small businesses drive growth and a stronger ROI in their paid media campaigns.

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